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Workshop typedesign »experimental typeface«, with Simon Renaud (10/2022).

The Caroline minuscule (karolingische Minuskel) was developed and spread in the late 8th century under the reign of Charlemagne. These letterforms emerged in a desire to replace different regional writing hands and to set a new writing standard, to improve legibility and to guarantee global communication. Seven centuries later, under the impulse of printing, handwritten scripts evolved to become fixed in a typographic form.

Today, the action of writing with one’s hand allows the inscription of an inner thought in a function of use (planning, organising, recording, etc.). A form of direct interaction between the verbal and the visual where the body is present. Our handwritings are the expression of an everyday gestuality where learned patterns are often reconfigured and reinterpreted in a personal way. Endowed with a formal (ductus) and gestural (body technique) richness, they are often neglected and little looked at, whereas they contain the aesthetic qualities of our time.

In this workshop, students were asked to work with everyday handwriting and to produce a typographic hypothesis in the same spirit of uniformity of the Carolines: to unify current handwriting and give it the status of typography.

The workshop was followed by the Masterclass »Carolina — a european scrip«, that took place in Amiens, France (11/2022).